Friendly Home Moving Service in Nha Trang

Dear friends,

It is difficult to move home in a country where you have a language barrier. You are looking for a good Home Moving Company? Is it reliable? How does the staff work? How does the mover “behave” towards your furniture?

Like you, we lead to higher and better living values when you move from your old house to a new place. The troubles during moving and packing process may not satisfy your expectation.

Understand these worries and concerns of foreigners living in Nha Trang city, “Full-service Home Moving for foreigners” of Sen Vang was established with the expectation to share your hardness and happiness during an exhausted home moving stage which can be a life changing event.

We have made a great effort in order that smile is always on your face after each home moving journey. We ensure that these following things will help you lead to a better life in your new home, new apartment…

moving service
A home moving journey

The staff

Sen Vang always respects integrity and discipline in the crew of drivers, movers and packers. With high spirit, full of energy, enthusiasm, and friendly smile in green uniform, you may be impressed on the staff of Sen Vang. We constantly attempt to reach your complete satisfaction with our self-improving service process.

nha trang moving services
Your smile is our motivation for every working day

Integrity + Responsibility

Sen Vang raises service’s quality for customers and develops from integrity in every activity. We ensure our integrity with each member in our wonderful crew. There has never been any stuff loss case since the time of establishment from 2014.

We believe that our reputation is built on our qualified service. We are proud of more than 90% customers who satisfy with our relocation service. In case there is any damage during removal, we will compensate 100% for your damaged stuff.

We will negotiate towards an agreement about this article before implementing our service. It means you will be protected by Vietnam legal rights.

After household relocation service

After performing our service, we are still willing to support whenever you need. Maximum 1-2 days after your move, the customer service staff will contact with you to get your sharing and feedback when using our service.

We appreciate your sincere suggestions, and feedback to improve our service better and better. If you have any problem with our house shifting service, we will find the best solution for you.

Moving for a Russian’s company

Quote price

If you want to get a quote for your moving or packing, you can send message to us on Fanpage: or call us at hotline: 0988 466 129 (send message via Viber or Zalo, WhatsApp)

Thank you for choosing Nha Trang city to live and work. Sen Vang appreciates the values you give to our country. Do not worry about your moving. Live hard, work hard, and let Sen Vang take the stress out of your move.

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Please contact Sen Vang for further information or any enquiry:


Address: 9/12, Huong Dien St, Phuoc Hai Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province

Hotline: 0988 466 129 – 0934 022 235